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Why brick and mortar stores will never go away

It seems like every day there is a new headline talking about the “death of retail” or about “another retailer going the way of the dodo bird due to Amazon.”

I mentioned in a previous blog, there’s no doubt that’s there’s been an industry disruption due to online retail giants like Amazon. They ship fast, most of the time for free. Their prices are good, but not always better . And they represent a massive amount of inventory.

But will online retailors erase brick and mortar stores forever? Not a chance.

Here’s why.

Online retailers lack the opportunity for physical experience of products. And some retailors thrive from consumers being able to hold their products. Brick and mortar stores have a lot of advantages over online shops like instant gratification, human touch, and in-person customer service.

The brick and mortar stores that are thriving see online retailers as competitors, not industry crushers, and step up their game to compete. They understand their advantages over the Amazon’s of the Internet, and are in great financial health. They are using the Internet to ramp up how their products are ordered and delivered without losing the benefit of the human touch and experience.

Don’t expect brick and mortar to go anywhere. Expect the financially stable ones to adapt, grow, and thrive.