The Aggressive Pursuit of Opportunity

Founded in 2012, Burton Property Group is one of the largest real estate development firms in South Alabama.  An established industry leader, the company has parlayed its success in its retail platform into other real estate classes, while realizing tremendous growth. The origins of Burton Property Group date back over a century to a successful Mobile family bakery, Smith’s Bakery. The sale of that company funded a series of successful family-owned real estate investments, including the purchase of the Silver Sands outlet center in Destin, Fla. in 1991 for $1.5 million. It was sold in 2012 for $200 million. 

With an initial capital investment of $15 million from the Silver Sands sale, BPG has grown to manage a portfolio of $200 million and developed a future pipeline of projects that will continue to grow the firm’s portfolio.  BPG’s 2018 partnership with SilverCap Partners further strengthened the firm, enabling it to tackle large-scale projects in a broad spectrum of real estate classes. 

Having weathered all real estate cycles during their careers, the founders of BPG have cultivated a philosophy to insulate the firm’s investments from broader market conditions.  Burton Property Group’s business model provides a competitive edge to quickly execute on opportunistic investments. 

In addition to the firm’s investment strategy, BPG has also assembled a team of experienced professionals that can manage, develop or offer consulting services for third parties.  The company today provides management and consulting services for institutional clients.

With a proven strategy, strong relationships and an aggressive pursuit of opportunity, Burton Property Group is poised for further growth.